Ruslan Grudev - Rocko

Ruslan Grudev - Rocko
August 21


In 1999 I was at a concert of Blues Brothers in Burgas. I met a lot of people and mainly my wife, who was studying in Sofia at the time, and so I started slowly, first from time to time, until one moment finally.
September 18

Cable TV

It had its own video channel to compensate for the lack of budding TV channels in Bulgaria until Diema aired its satellite signal. Soon after, it became unnecessary and difficult to maintain. In 1998 I was at my first big concert – DIO in “Festivalna”.  
April 14

Compulsory military service

Due to unsuccessful communication attempts, I ended up in the reserve officer school  (again “Hristo Botev”) in Pleven, but not as a pheasant (school foreman), but as a driving mechanic (probably because of my success with tractors). I received the 2nd certificate for driving a chain machine outside the structure..Read More
September 15


From I to XI grade I studied at Hristo Botev High School in Ivaylovgrad. In junior high school I started studying computer science, attracted by computer games. The then structures of TNTM had a suitable base for students. Between 5th and 8th grade, I won all the district and republican..Read More
February 23


I was born on February 23, 1977 in one of the most remote places in Bulgaria – Ivaylovgrad. Now he is in Haskovo region, then he was in Kardzhali district. The youngest of three brothers. When I was born, the eldest of the three of us, Vesselin, said, “Rocco and..Read More