From I to XI grade I studied at Hristo Botev High School in Ivaylovgrad.
In junior high school I started studying computer science, attracted by computer games. The then structures of TNTM had a suitable base for students. Between 5th and 8th grade, I won all the district and republican competitions before totalitarianism collapsed. I was an excellent student;)
The city library was divided into a sector for children and adults. I was allowed to go to the “Great” Library in the third grade. The little one was read in two years (not a great achievement, but I think I’m the only one with such a record). 😉
Then I started doing more music. I knew the notes as a child. There have always been pianos, schools, etc. at home. normalcy for a music teacher’s house, but I studied solfeggio in kindergarten with other teachers.
Of course, the music I was involved in did not require such in-depth knowledge. I played bass in the local rock band “Hercules”!

During the holidays I worked in agriculture, and at one point I had something like an “internship” in the Cinema of my hometown for several months. Somewhere around 10th grade I had the chance to load the machines and screen movies !!!!!!! I glued the tapes, etc.
These entertainments slightly reduced my excellent success until the 8th grade. In high school I gravitated around 5 and that’s why I enrolled in a professional class in 11th grade. I graduated as a Plant Mechanizer.
I couldn’t get a tractor driving license.
It bothered me on Live Style, but I received a certificate for Working with Machine Tractor Units. Plowman one species. 😉
I graduated in 1994.